Your passion is our purpose.

We meet all your graphic design challenges with packaged and personalized solutions geared specifically towards nonprofits, churches and small businesses.


Helping you communicate the why
behind what you do.

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Nonprofit. Church. Small Business.
We understand your unique needs and will create personalized solutions to tell the world your story.

Purpose48 is a full-service marketing & digital design company that helps illuminate your calling through:

// beautiful and meaningful branding
// graphic design
// website development

We specialize in working with churches, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses who desire personalized solutions that help share the why behind their pursuit.

How can we help you?



Dreams are big and budgets are often tight for nonprofits. We understand that you don’t always have a dedicated person on staff able to assist you with your marketing. That’s where we come in!



Churches comes in all shapes and sizes, filled with people of all different backgrounds.  We understand your unique needs and challenges of appealing to everyone, without ever watering down your message.


Small Businesses

There’s never been a better time to be in business. We love supporting and working with fellow entrepreneurs from various industries to help them make the world a better place through their products or services.